About us

Andy and Sophie Mizenko

Andy’s Candies began back in the 1950’s, but not exactly how you’d think. Andy and Sophie Mizenko opened up a bar type business serving local patrons back in the ‘50’s. While they loved interacting with the customers, they didn’t particularly love the bar industry. Andy found himself in his off-hours, dipping chocolate goodies for patrons to try.

Andy's Candies Famous Pecan Bar

With the support of the community and their customers, they risked everything by converting the business from a bar into a small-scale chocolate factory, serving delicious, fresh chocolate treats to his community. Andy and Sophie’s first recipe, the treat that made them a local legend was the “Pecan Bar”. This legendary creation is still sold today and usually sells out.

Andy's Candies Vintage Sign

Over the years, the chocolate factory expanded, becoming multi-generational, growing into a large-scale production. The Andy’s Candies family has embraced Andy and Sophie’s passion and has been successful in providing not only local treats, but also offering large-scale fundraising and ships products anywhere in the US.

Andy's Candies Storefront

At Andy’s Candies, our chocolates reflect our passion for superior quality, commitment to freshness, and imaginative combinations, resulting in unforgettable taste experiences.We use only the finest quality of chocolates, nuts, and flavors. Our quality gourmet chocolates and confections are created by hand daily from the finest ingredients. We know that you will savor our products as much as we enjoy making them.

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